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Lots of Website Updates

posted Nov 28, 2011, 8:17 PM by SV ARC   [ updated Nov 29, 2011, 3:51 AM ]
There are several changes to the website and calendar tonight. 

First off, font sizes. There are a few pages still with 10pt font sizes, as I find them I will update them to 12pt. If you are having trouble reading the pages, your web browser can zoom in (or out) to make the font sizes larger or smaller. For example with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on Windows you would press and hold down the CTRL key and press the + (plus) or - (minus) key. To return to the default font size, press CTRL and the 0 (zero) key. For Firefox and Safari on Mac OSX you would use COMMAND and +/-/0 for the same functionality. 

Next up, email addresses. I don't want to post real live email addresses directly on the website due to the automatic harvesting of email addresses posted on public websites to send spam to. With that in mind, anyone with a call sign listed here on the website will have their call sign available ... <callsign> Since we do list call signs you can figure out where to send an email that will be forwarded to their official email address in the club roster. 

The Search box in the upper right corner only works for content directly on the website and does not search the Event Calendar itself. Unfortunately I'm unable to find a good way to search the Event Calendar at all. You can go to the Event Calendar page, change to "Agenda" mode and then use your browsers search function (CTRL+F for most Windows browsers or COMMAND+F for most MacOS browsers) to find a match on the calendar. A very specific example was trying to search for "VE Testing" for that example, I also added a VE Testing page with information. 

I updated the 2012 Officers Elect with the incoming officers. Updated the last of the S.V.E.N. Net Control stations, as before you can email any of the Net Control Stations (or the Net Manager) with their <callsign> email address. 

Feb 17th meeting updated with guest speaker info, Mark Travis discussing the Virginia QSO Party. Dec 2nd meeting updated with topic of the 2012 Budget. Added the Frostfest hamfest event on Feb 4th in Richmond and the Vienna Wireless Winterfest on Feb 26th in Annandale.